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Being a natural virtuoso, Leola is really enjoying the guitar. Best birthday present ever?:)

Being a natural virtuoso, Leola is really enjoying the guitar. Best birthday present ever?:)


Leola deserves her own box. Leola wants to tell you what happened to her and how she feels about it all.

Hello, Im Leola-Violet. I get called ‘Luv’ a lot, it’s sort of a nickname. But one I never planned nor want. Anyway, I wanted to tell someone about what happened, with Bella and Mortimer and about how everyone in their own way is responsible. But, mainly me. My mum told me that this is where she tells everyone about what is going on in her life.

So, this week, I grew up to a teenager. It was scary at first, thinking about it. You see, I know that I only have so much time left in my life and once I’m a teen, nearly the best half is over. I was really close to a guy named Mick, however, when I grew up, to a teenager that is, we grew apart, awfully quick. He then became very close to Lucie-Anne, and seeing him with her began to brake me. 

I wanted nothing more thank love, and love is what I wanted to find. I had been becoming close to this boy called Mortimer. Funny name, I know, but he was so kind and sweet. He invited me over to his house and I met his parents, they were lovely but dressed a little odd. I went back to mine that night and realised that I really liked this guy. I then invited him to mine and he ended up staying the night at mine and we talked and read books and did things that I LOVE doing. We have so much in common. But, just when he went to make a move, he pulled back. He told me that he was married. That he was married to a most remarkable person named Bella, only they had grown apart after an incident. 

He had woken up married to a woman that he couldn’t remember and was told that he had gone through magic and trickery and his whole family had been made a year younger than they actually were. Bell, Mortimer and Mortimers’ parents were all made a year younger. They do not know what caused it. Mortimer was told that he loved this girl, that she was his life and that he could never love another because what they had was strong and that a bond that big can not be broken. He was told he had children who had not been affected and were still adults. Mortimer refused to meet them and Bella and him grew apart. They didn’t want to see each other any more and the two families began mourning for the loss of the relationship. 

When he told me this, I didn’t know what to say. I had fallen in love with him, and him with me. But he couldn’t be with me. It hurt me so much. I took up the guitar and started playing outside the theatre to earn tips. I was going to suggest moving to a new house, the two of us. We could put the incident behind us and move on as a couple. But then the worst thing happened. Bella died. It was unexpected and extremely unwanted. Why did I say I was responsible? Because Bella had been trying to reach out to Mortimer and her children and because he’d been spending time with me, he hadn’t been answering his phone. No body knew, and now her children are mourning, Mortimer is mourning, as is the whole town. 

I was stupid and invited him down to the beach, I was going to console him and cheer him up. But he said he couldn’t be near me when this was going on, he felt that if he hadn’t been with me, he would have noticed and could have stopped her.

Bella took her own life. Bella Bachelor died because of me. Not me alone, there was the incident. Holly, my mother, changed her parents a younger state and changed the way they looked because they didn’t like Joleen being a lesbian. Abbie changed what Bella looked like because she was winding her up. So altogether, it was my families fault that this young girl took her life.

I have never felt so bad about anything and will live forever with the guilt. 

I’m sorry.

This Weekend♥

A lot has happened within the last few weeks. I watched my small children grow into stunning children and watched my sister grow to be my age. I was so proud of them all growing up to be amazing people. They also were not the only ones. Josie, friend of Leola’s grew up, as did Mick & Lucy. 

Mick was Leola’s childhood friend, they attended pre-school together and went on to primary school and now even secondary. But when Mick was a child he gradually became closer to Lucie-Anne and they both grew to teenagers together. They are now extremely close and I can tell that romance is in the air. In actual fact romance has been in the air for everyone! Even Abbie;) 

Lucy grew up with Joleen, and they have been on several dates, which have gone fairly ok. Hopefully they will make it official soon? However, JohnJo and I believe that her reputation is not helping her as everyone knows what she’s like and Lucy knows she cheated but Joleen is yet to tell her to her face. 

Then, Layla. Layla and Leighton are becoming too cute! They went on a date this weekend to the lake across the road. They sat and had a picnic and then completed a bit of fishing. Layla hates fishing but knows that he knows the basics. She made him show her how to hold it etc.. She’s very clever.

We also have Charlie-Flynn, Charlie has been getting close and going on dates with a girl named Ursine. Ursine is a lovely girl who has come over from Russia, they are too cute!:3 Talking about Charlie, he has grown up to look so much like his father. I made them stand next to each other and they are so similar it’s scary.

Abbie has found love at last:3 And in the most unexpected place. I mentioned that we had a new neighbour, Halle Hartwell. Well, Abbie and her have hit it off, as they say and are now becoming rather close. It’s almost official, Abbie will not stop talking about her. We’ve come across a few problems though, Abbie has been stopped in the streets and been moaned at for how she is. Her ticket sales were down this week by 5%. This, for her, is a lot. Abbie is hurt that people can let who she likes and her life choices affect who they listen to, but she understand. If she is going to listen to music that knows and understands her then she has to like and trust the singer. Obviously these x-fans do not like or trust her. 

These are beautiful! Phineas and Ferb love all the way! 

These are beautiful! Phineas and Ferb love all the way! 



As mentioned before, our family loves to dance. When looking through pictures that were taken of this weekend I found these two action shots. JJ and I had a great laugh at them, so you can too! 

As mentioned before, our family loves to dance. When looking through pictures that were taken of this weekend I found these two action shots. JJ and I had a great laugh at them, so you can too! 

We had a little old couple come to our house the other day and shout and scream about allowing lesbians in their town. I wasn’t best pleased and when they were sat on a bench outside a shop, as Joleen went in they made comments, therefore, I felt the need to make some differences. Yes I may be abusing my power. 

I made them an age category younger and gave them outrageous outfits, at the end of the day I still believe they look better than there old selves. *VERY OLD* I mean, long grey hair is not a great look, but the brown swish isn’t too bad. I wonder what their family said when they got home! Ehehehehhe. That will teach you.


Today’s post is only going to be short. I underwent a makeover earlier and even though people may not prefer it, I do. I used to have very squinty eyes, they are now opened more and I am able to see a lot better as well.


My makeover!